The School Day

The School Day
Our school day begins at 8.50am. Children are allowed into the classroom from this time, where they can begin with some early morning work.
At 9.05am we have Assembly
9.25-10.25 we have our literacy session, including phonics.
At 10.25 it is break time.
10.40- 11.15 is what we call our intervention slot, where children who need additional support can work in small focused groups.
11.15- 11.25 - is time for a Brain Break.
11.25-12.25 -is our numeracy session.
12.25-1.25 is lunch
and the afternoon session runs from 1.25-3.15
Infants have an additional play time at 2.45pm
Children in reception class can be collected anytime after 3pm.